Great insight from Jerry Cook's book "Monday Morning Church":

"Do you work with people who are annoying and cross? Do you wish sometimes you could work with only plesant people who talk nicely and smell good, complete all of their assignments, and never complain? People who never leave their work for you, who don't keep dirty pictures in their lockers and in their minds?
The reason you're where you are is because Jesus loves the people there-and you are the way he loves them. If you don't love them, he can't. You're there not because you would choose it; you're there because you choose to be with him, and he has chosen to be there.
If you're going to be with Jesus, you're going to spend time with some difficult people, because he came to seek and save that which was 'lost' (see luke 19.10). Feel free to cross out 'lost' and substititute any of these words: ugly, mean, vulgar, immoral, dangerous, violet, abusive. Those adjectives describe the kinds of people Jesus came to find. And lo and behold, he found some right where you work! Isn't that remarkable? All he wants to do is love them, and you are the way he wants to love them."


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