Currently in our youth group we have:

3 sets of teens who have parents separating/getting divorced
2 teens who have lost their home within the last 3 months
2 teens that are currently losing their home
3 teens that have had a parent attempt suicide within the last 3 months
3 sets of teens with chronically ill parents
3 teens that are cutting
1 teen attempting to sever all ties with their parents
1 teen caught up in a nasty custody battle
1 teen whose good friend was recently sexually assaulted by a youth pastor
2 sets of teens who are moving out of state within the next few months

Sometimes it all just feels so overwhelming and I wonder if our kids even stand a chance. That's when I have to lean into the Father and trust that He will work good in each of these situations. please be praying for our youth. They need all they can get


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