So I have been reading one of the greatest books on youth ministry I have ever read, "Contemplative Youth Ministry: Practicing The Presence Of Jesus" by Mark Yaconelli.

I'm challenged by this passage:

"What would it mean if the goal of our ministries was simply to be prayerfully present to young people-to allow them to be fully themselves? Could we trust that our presence is enough? How would we treat youth if we weren't trying to convince them of the importance of the faith, the worthiness of Jesus, the necessity of the church? What would happen if we sought to minister to young people through our ears, through our presence, through silent prayer and an open heart? What would such radical acceptance evoke in young people?"

Deep down this is what I desire to see in our youth ministry, but what does it look like? How do we do it? What does it mean? What do we need to change in our program? In ourselves?